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The incredibly exclusive limited edition New York Snippets book is here, man!
Gosh and damn!!
So what the hell is it?

A few years ago Rachel Salmon started collecting overheard comments on the streets of New York and sent these magical snippets to her pal in New Zealand, Peter Salmon (same surname, no relation).
Peter loved these wonderful voyeuristic moments and started illustrating them right away.
With their super powers combined Peter and Rachel created snapshots of surreal moments in time that capture the amazing infectious energy of the Manhattan streets.

After an exhibition of the finished Snippets at Deluxe in Wellington, the Salmon's stored them in a darkened drawer... Until now...

With the help of Michael Salmon (no relation to Rachel, but brother to Peter), The New York Snippets are now presented in a wonderful 55 page book for the whole world to see!

Check out the BFM Review at Unity Books!

But be quick on getting your hands on this prized publication The first edition is super exclusive and very, very limited.
Quick, get to the store and get your book today!